Encouraging an emotional response to color and form is the aim of my practice as an abstract painter. Inspired by the vibrancy and serenity of the natural world and the balance of forces within it, I create works that contain flowing organic forms and energetic eruptions of color.


My works are created with a combination of techniques, building up layers of color and texture on the canvas. My latest paintings begin with an airbrushed base layer to enhance the sense of depth, followed by my technique of pouring and manipulating paint through movement, which generates a meditative sense of flow and buoyancy as well as dynamic kinetic bursts. Most often, these opposing yet complementary forces are contained within one painting. 


My process is one of intuition, clearing my mind of preconceived notions of the final image while I work and allowing my thoughts and emotions to guide my movements. I add layer upon layer until I reach a compositional harmony between color, form, and negative space.


Influenced by my background in psychology, my paintings can be perceived as depictions of psychological states or emotions, which, like my forms and compositions, are fluid and multilayered. Viewers often express feeling soothed, uplifted, and invigorated in the presence of my works.