Clara Berta is a Hungarian-American contemporary abstract painter based in Laguna Beach, California, USA. She has been practicing art since 2000 and has become known for her large-scale paintings that embody the vibrancy and tranquility of the natural world through her use of organic forms and layering of harmonious colors.


The dynamic movement and restorative potential of water are an enduring source of inspiration for Berta. Water draws a connection between her heritage in Hungary, where thermal springs are known for their healing properties, and the power and majesty of the ocean that her works conjure. 


With an academic background in psychology, Berta is fascinated by the human emotional response to color and abstract forms. In her work, she recognizes the transformative power of art and its potential for self-expression. These are the central themes of her teachings as an art educator and her creative workshops for women. The physical process of creating her large paintings also ties in with her interest in movement and the body and traces a lineage to her earlier exploration of performance art.


Berta studied advanced composition and technique at the Santa Reparata School of Art in Florence, Italy, and printmaking in the US. Her paintings have been exhibited and collected worldwide, including in Europe, China, Dubai, and notably at the Chiba City Museum of Art in Japan. Her work has been featured in high-profile film and television productions on prominent networks such as Disney, 20th Century Fox, ABC, and CBS.