Blue Configurations

Works on Paper - Online Exhibition

CLara Berta - Blue Configurations

Feb. 14 – Mar. 14, 2021

Preview: Feb. 11–13


Contemporary abstract painter Clara Berta presents her new series of works on paper in the artist’s first solo online exhibition in collaboration with Ronewa Art Projects. From February 14th to March 14th, Berta welcomes visitors into the curated viewing room at to explore the series Blue Configurations. 


This series marks a new direction for Berta into paper as a surface for her explorations of movement, composition, and the flow of energy through color and form. The sixteen works on paper bear her characteristic flowing, organic forms created through a process of pouring, dripping, and manipulating paint through movement. For Blue Configurations, Berta has embraced the powerful potential of simplicity with a single color palette and minimal compositions. She strikes a yin-and-yang balance between her blue forms and the negative space of the paper, commanding a meditative sense of Zen.


Throughout her oeuvre, Berta’s forms embody the motion, energy, and purity of water, from gentle streams to roaring oceans. Channeling her inspiration from nature and guided by intuition, Berta paints without a preconceived notion of the finished work. She begins with a clear mind, open to receiving thoughts and feelings that influence her compositions. Experimenting with Blue Configurations, “I learned to slow down, listen, and let go,” said Berta. These works are personal yet created to impart a sense of serenity and joy to her viewers – the enduring ambition of Berta’s work.



Clara Berta (born 1963) is based in Los Angeles, USA, where she has been practicing art since 2000. With an academic background in psychology, Berta is fascinated by the human emotional response to color and abstract forms. Her work recognizes the transformative power of art and its potential for self-expression. Berta studied advanced composition and technique at the Santa Reparata School of Art in Florence, Italy, and printmaking in the USA. Her paintings have been exhibited and collected worldwide, including Europe, China, and Dubai. 


Ronewa Art Projects is a curatorial project coordinator and an online art platform showcasing contemporary art talent from around the world. Ronewa hosts a concurrent presentation of Blue Configurations by Clara Berta at 

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